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Healing Melody Therapeutic Massage


It is my intention to provide my clients with an ethical, professional and therapeutic massage customized to individual needs and goals. The following policies serve to protect you the client and myself as the therapist to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for all.

Timing of Sessions

First time clients, please arrive for your appointment 15 minutes prior to the scheduled starting time.  This allows you time to fill out the appropriate client forms. In general arriving a few minutes early for any future sessions will give all clients time to check in, use the rest room and have a short verbal intake with me before you change and prepare for the session.  If late arrival is unavoidable, please call and let me know as soon as possible that you will be running late. Please be aware that your session may be shortened in order to keep on schedule and original treatment time will be charged.

Cancellations/No Shows

Please provide at least 24 hours notice if you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment. This gives me enough time to attempt to fill the slot. If a client fails to cancel within 24 hours or no shows for a session a $25 fee will be charged, or if applicable, deducted from your gift certificate. If a client cancels short notice or no shows more than once, that client will be asked to pre-pay for future services.

Informed Consent

At your initial visit with me you will receive a copy of my policies and will be asked to sign the consent stating that you have read the information, understand it, and agree to comply. Prior to each massage session, the treatment plan will be discussed with you and you may asked to give written or verbal consent for me to work certain areas such as face, feet, scalp, gluteal muscles, pectoral muscles and abdomen.

Scope of Practice

Massage Therapists do not diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions nor are they allowed to provide treatment for a specific condition without a doctor’s supervision. The massage therapist is required to refer you for diagnosis and to follow recommendations of your physician. Certain conditions may be contraindicated for massage which is why it is important for the client to fill out an initial health history and keep the therapist informed of any changes in your health or existing conditions.

Inappropriate Behaviors

Inappropriate behavior or requests will not be tolerated. If the therapist feels threatened or uncomfortable in any way the session will be ended and the client will be asked to leave. Full payment will required for the session and the activity may be reported to the proper authorities.

Minimum Age Requirement

Anyone under the age of 18 may not receive a massage without a parent or legal guardian consent.