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Healing Melody Therapeutic Massage

Thai Massage

Like Yoga . . . with Someone Else Doing the Work

Thai Massage or Nuat Phaen Boran (which translates to ancient style massage) is a system of manipulations and stretching influenced by medical traditions from India, China and Southeast Asia. It’s also associated with Yoga. In fact a lot of the stretches the therapists will put you into look a lot like Hatha Yoga poses. I always tell people that getting a Thai Massage is like going to Yoga class, but having someone else do the work for you.
Thai Massage is usually done with the client fully clothed, with usually only the feet uncovered. A traditional routine is done with the client lying on a mat on the floor and takes 2 hours or more to perform. The therapist will apply deep static and rhythmic compressions and put the client through various poses or stretches that include; pulling fingers, toes, ears, cracking knuckles, and perhaps even walking on the client’s back. Most of the compressions are done along the Sen Lines of the body which are similar to meridians used in Traditional Chinese Medicine practices like Acupuncture and Acupressure. Although there are supposedly 72,000 Sen lines in a person’s body only 10 main lines typically are treated.

There are many variations of Thai massage taught in Thailand and other countries, but the most common is the popular style (Chalosiak) which is now just known as “Thai Massage”. Most schools in Thailand have officially sanctioned classes that are taught in that country. However, rather than teaching the old practice born from Traditional Thai Medicine (TTM), this form of Thai massage is a simplified-but still effective- version of the traditional practice suitable for more independent or spa based practitioners.

There is a standardized procedure and rhythm to the routine that is very meditative for both client and practitioner. Unlike Swedish massage where it’s possible to just zone out or fall asleep, Thai massage keeps you more focused and engaged in the process. Some popular variations of Thai massage are; Swe-Thai massage, Thai Yoga massage and Thai for the Table.