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Healing Melody Therapeutic Massage

Swe-Thai Massage

East Meets West

Swe-Thai is a unique variation of massage that blends Thai techniques such as rocking, compressions and stretching with the more hands-on soft tissue manipulations of Swedish massage. Not to be confused with Thai for the Table, in which a therapist will adopt a traditional Thai massage for a massage table rather than performing the routine on a mat on the floor. Swe-Thai is a slightly different take on two old traditions.

While Thai or Thai for the Table massages are generally performed with the client clothed, Swe-Thai is done while the client is undressed or minimally clothed under a sheet and/or blanket, utilizing traditional draping techniques to maintain the client’s modesty. This way the therapist can perform traditional Swedish moves as well as the Thai massage stretches and compressions. Some of the work can be performed over the drape as well.

This routine was designed specifically to treat general neck and back conditions, because it allows the therapist to perform more concentrated therapeutic work such as stretches without sacrificing their palpatory skills.

Although some other modalities may utilize some of the same moves, it’s really the blending of the eastern and western techniques that creates the magic in this form of bodywork. So if you’re looking for focused relaxation, pain reduction, better flexibility and increased range of motion, Swe-Thai is just the thing for you.